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Edith Cavell – Faith before the firing squad

Edith Cavell Faith before the firing squad
Self-sacrifice was the hallmark of Edith Cavell’s life. She was executed on 12 October 1915 for enabling at least 200 Allied soldiers to escape occupied Belgium into neutral territory. A state funeral was held for her in Westminster Abbey on 19 May 1919. This book tells Edith’s story, in particular tackling the question: ‘How could she be so calm in the face of death?’ (10 copies to give away)

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Who Do You Say I Am?

A key question that Jesus asked his first century followers was ‘Who do you say I am?’ He asks us the same question today. This 64-page gift book from CV Global and HOPE takes readers on a journey of discovery, using words and pictures to help you explain who Jesus is, why he died and what the resurrection can mean for people today. (10 copies to give away)

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40 Stories of Hope

40 Stories of HopeThis is a collection of 40 remarkable stories from prisoners, ex prisoners and prison chaplains who speak powerfully about how they have found hope. Published by HOPE and CWR, 40 Stories of HOPE includes a foreword by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, plus prayers and Bible stories about Jesus. (10 copies to give away)

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Surprising facts

Twenty facts about Edith Cavell that you might not know
  1. She enjoyed ice skating on frozen Norfolk rivers.
  2. Watercolour painting was a favourite pastime.
  3. She painted greetings cards to raise money to build a Sunday school room in her village. 
  4. She gave an 11-year-old runaway her brother’s suit.
  5. In the early days of the Davis Cup, Edith was an accomplished tennis player.
  6. She was confirmed by the Bishop of Bath & Wells when at school near Bristol.
  7. She learned to speak fluent French at school in Peterborough.
  8. Her first employment was as a governess.
  9. She wrote a book about caring for dogs.
  10. She trained as a nurse in the hospital that had been home to the Elephant Man.
  11. The matron at the London Hospital said in a report that Edith was ‘not a nurse that can altogether be depended upon’.
  12. The only medal she received was awarded by the people of Maidstone to Edith and about 250 nurses who had been sent to help contain a typhoid fever epidemic in 1897.
  13. She took four children to St Leonards-on-Sea in East Sussex to convalesce after a typhoid epidemic.
  14. When sitting with a patient for 36 hours after an operation on his spine, she painted a spray of apple blossom on the flyleaf of his Bible.
  15. Because she could speak French and had been trained in the Florence Nightingale style of nursing, she was recruited to start a nurses’ training school in Brussels, Belgium.
  16. She was in England when the First World War was declared, but left to return to her nurses’ training school.
  17. She hid an escaping soldier in a barrel of apples.
  18. Her two dogs, Don and Jack, were adopted strays.
  19. She gave a home to a 13-year-old girl who had run away from a travelling circus.
  20. One of the spies whose snooping led to her capture had an injured foot which she treated.

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